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About US

"Chi Psi Beta is one of if not the best fraternity at Texas A&M. We strive for academic and social excellence through hard work and dedication, and are a service first organization."


Chi Psi Beta was founded with the purpose of service and brotherhood. The goals of Chi Psi Beta here at Texas A&M are to assimilate South Asian and American cultures, create a strong brotherhood among brothers, and give back to the local community through various service projects.


In the fall of 1998, four friends decided to establish the first Indian Brotherhood at Texas A&M University. Together they created Brothers of India, a premier South Asian brotherhood founded upon service and core Aggie values such as loyalty, integrity, excellence, leadership and respect. Later on, Brothers of India was changed to Chi Psi Beta Fraternity, Inc. Chi Psi Beta continues to be a leading South Asian Fraternity that exemplifies a strong brotherhood and dedication to service in order have an impact far beyond Texas A&M.

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